“My dream is a new conscious generation with a growth mindset, healthy habits & thoughts who can wake up and change the world and naturally promote happiness, gratitude, kindness and with that spread a lot of love, light & faith.”

Linda Wit

As a mom, Linda Withad to look into the mirror herself after years of struggling to see all the beautiful and wise lessons life gave her. Life presents. Impressed finding out she could change all of this actually all by herself.. from within, to live from her heart and let go a lot of things, thinking and old habits. During this journey she shared all of these lessons with her children, she wanted to give these wisdom & lessons to her children but actually to ALL children. As a result of this growth, she started to see the world around her with different eyes and started to write down all the tools she used to let children be able to think and dream without limits, make choices from their heart and with this make the world abit more beautiful.