George the Turtle

George experiences all of his adventures with his friends
“Ruby the Octopus”, “Ted the Rat” and “Sage the owl”.
All these animals have a different element,
their own special character, secrets and advice. How do they help each other? How do they use their wisdom and secrets? What do they teach each other from the air, earth & water? Together, they remind each other through all the adventures, about the 10 important lessons, which will be shown on the very first poster of George “good vibes good life”.

Nothing more fun than learning from
the adventures of a bunch of funny
and fantastic animals, more adventures soon…
Who is George? Who are his friends?
What can we learn from them? What wisdom do they have?
What adventures do they experience together, and what do they teach each other  from the air, earth and underwater? What secrets does George have?

George The Turtle
George is always relaxed & chilled, he doesn’t panic at all and always remains calm. He likes to see the world through different eyes, and is always interested in what his friends are thinking. He lives like a nomad and wants to discover the world, to learn new things in many different places. George is a real social guy, he is everyone's friend, and wants to bring peace everywhere he goes. He does like to hide in his shell every now and then, to listen to his inner self, and to follow his heart.

His love language is: positive words.
Ruby The Octopus
Ruby is very extravagant and secretly she would love  to be a famous dancer, but she’s too shy. From the water, she peers out into the world. She is always observing, and her very creative thoughts are always there. She is a difficult eater and is always looking for that one special plant under the water because it tastes amazing. Ruby is often insecure, but she is healed by a loving touch or hug.

Her love language is: physical contact.
Ted The Rat
Ted is a busy and dominant little guy who likes to be in  charge and has a narcissistic side. He always has a creative solution, but it always ends up a big mess. He’s busy, reckless, curious and he likes to get involved in everything. Because he wants things quickly and often too much, he can get in a lot of trouble. He has fixed patterns and likes security, but secretly he wants to see and learn new things.

His love language: time & attention
Sage The Owl
Sage is always observing from her large tree, and as soon as the sun sets, she allows her wise and friendly words to flow. She loves to pass her wisdom on, and teaches others that they can find the answers  and solutions from within themselves. During the day she likes to meditate and dream, and she uses all her wisdom to help others by sharing this in beautiful stories.  Everyone loves to listen to her. She is very sensitive in large crowds and  noise, but has absolutely no fears.

Her love language: serving.


What secrets does George have?

The secret to staying calm no matter what.
Don`t think that time is not important. You are important. 

The secret to taking a lot of time. In a hurry you won`t feel happiness.
 If you want to achieve the goal, take the slow road.

The secret to never giving up and never losing sight of the goal. 
Complete what you started. And start to follow your heart.

The secret to give. See the world with different eyes.
Remain compliant and learn how to handle any situation,
stay active and keep your heart full. 

The secret to being satisfied easily and quickly.
The less you want to have, the sooner you`ll have everything you want.

The secret to being gentle with yourself and others. Open your heart to whoever you meet. Understanding brings closeness,
violence breeds violence.

The secret to staying true to yourself.
Keep your energy by living completely into the here and now.