Goodnight Candle

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'I am loved so wide and so deep, that in peace I can sleep.’ 
A good nights sleep is an important element of self care. It allows the emotions of the day to be processed by the body and restores energy and focus so children can fully embrace the new day. Preparing for sleep can be a beautiful routine, shared by parent and child, a moment to reconnect after a busy day.
As the day draws to an end, light our new ‘Bedtime Time’ candle to calm and soothe the senses. Using essential lavender oils, the gentle scent and flicker of light helps create a tranquil atmosphere for bedtime. After your little one is in bed and ready to settle, before inviting in sleep take a moment of gratitude for the day that has been.
Every day is a gift. Use this moment to reflect and appreciate all that it offered. Blow out the candle and with a full and grateful heart, allow the child to rest their eyes and drift off to dreamland.
‘The magic of light and the smell of a candle helps me connect with the best of me’
Ines Ventos Solar Cabot
 Our candle is a collaboration with Spanish artisan Ines Ventos Solar Cabot. Growing up in a large family, where her deaf father learnt to speak through the movement of candle flame, scent has always been at the heart of her creations. Today this love is symbolised through the trademark nose crafted on each candle, the dimensions in line with her father’s measurements.
Handmade, each organic candle uses only natural soy wax and the container has been designed to be reusable; perfect for a plant or warm cup of cocoa. The essential lavender oils are harvested in September and infused into the candles to create a sense of calm, connect us back to nature and prepare for a restful night's sleep. 
10 x 8 cm
Don´t throw me away when I´m finished but keep my beautiful ceramics as a tea cup, breakfast bowl or small vase...